Very Short Notice-NYC Documentary Film Premier Tomorrow

Gilad AND ALL THAT JAZZ- NYC Documentary Film Premier

gilad and all.jpg

The New York City Documentary Film Premier, Wednesday March 18th,
7 pm Theatre 80

80 St. Marks Place New York 10003

A film by Golriz Kolahi

Watch trailer:

A film that follows a flourishing year in the life of Gilad Atzmon, one of modern music’s greatest saxophonists. In addition to performing withsome of music’s greatest acts, such as Pink Floyd and Sir Paul McCartney,Atzmon is also one of Europe’s most controversial writers and publicspeakers in opposition to Israel.

The film explores Gilad’s complex nature at times a gentle giant, warm,charismatic and somewhat shy at other times a deeply passionatemusician and advocate for what he sees as justice in Palestine. Born into apro-Zionist family and serving briefly in the first Lebanon War, Gilad hada dramatic turnaround; he quit the army, picked up his sax and exiledhimself to London, declaring himself an enemy to the Israeli state.

Since then he has produced some of the modern era’s greatest Jazzalbums, and collaborated with Ian Dury, Paul McCartney and Sinead O’Connor. In music he is a ‘feisty improviser’ as one critic put it, comparing him to the likes of Charlie Parker. In his political and philosophical ideas,he is blunt and outspoken. His ideas on Israel and “Jewishness” have upsetmany people, some of whom have gone to the extreme of labeling him aholocaust denier and an anti-Semite – charges that Gilad strongly rejects.In Gilad’s life, music and politics are inseparable.

The film follows Gilad in the most flourishing time of his career, as herecords albums with Robert Wyatt, the blockheads, and gigs with NigelKennedy; gets invited to TV programs and panel events all over the globe;pleases his supporters and admirers, while seriously offending hisopponents who, rather than try to engage Atzmon in debate, try to censorhis right to free speech by applying pressure tactics on the venues heplays his music in an where he has been invited to speak on what he callsJewish Identity Politics.

“Gilad and All That Jazz” offers a unique insight in to the life, ideas, musicand motivations driving the great Saxophonist.

Watch Gilad & the OHE playing Gaza Mon Amour:


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