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How Can It Be?

A song for Good Friday

How can it be
You gave your life for me
And you suffered and died on the cross?
So great was your love
You came down from above
And you traded your gain for our loss!

How can it be?
You died that we
Might be spared from the price of our sin?
Death it was died,
Denial denied,
And you gave us a world we can win.

You came as a man
And all of your plan
Was to be what we all could become.
The one we adored
Was the Son of the Lord
And we prayed that your Kingdom would come.

Your love never fails
As we hammer the nails
And you cry to your Father: Forgive!
How can we forget?
We remain in your debt
And you gave us a new life to live.

No tongue can tell
The depths of the hell
Where you fought with the devil and won.
Like sands by the sea
Are the names of the free
And each is the Lord’s chosen one.

As far as we fall
Your love pays for all
And all have been bought for a price.
The young and the old,
The timid and bold,
The rich, poor, the foolish and wise.

So with your good grace
We shall soon see your face
As you come back in triumph to reign.
As all bow the knee
Every people will see
The way back to Eden is plain.

Sweet Jesus, our love,
The high-flying dove
Returns with a leaf in her beak.
The rainbow is high
In the arch of the sky
And the earth is returned to the meek.

Jesus our joy,
Our own darling boy!
Eternity praises your name.
The King of all kings
Is a servant who brings
The waters to wash all things clean.

Our joy and delight:
You return to our sight
The broken and battered to mend.
All things pass away
Like night follows day
But your love it never can end.

Your love it never can end.


Crucifixion, Iraq, 2003, US-style

♥ How Can It Be? Words: Karl Dallas, March 17, 1994. Tune: Irish traditional (Eibhli Gheal Chiún Ni Chearbhaill) ♥

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