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From Monday, May 4, for 5 days only . . .

. . . all my Kindle books are FREE!

PS: Ignore the prices in the images below. That’s what they’ll cost after this free promotion ends on May 8


NOTE: The Open Letter to Pete Seeger is NOT free.


After Lady Chatterley is sexually explicit, as you might expect.

♥ Go to Amazon UK to download any of these free ebooks (also downloadable from other national Amazon systems).

♥ Here’s a reminder: This promotion ends on May 9.

KD-Aug2012Karl Dallas is 84 and lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. He was a well-known music, fashion and computer journalist who has published five print books, mainly on music, one of which was offered on the Internet recently for several hundred pounds sterling. He has 12 ebooks in the Amazon Kindle format, ranging from the religious (Good News for the Last Times and The Sacred Blade) to the sexually explicit (After Lady Chatterley), from the Arthurian adventure of The Sacred Blade, to the thriller set in the international drugs trade, The Fourth Step.

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