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Hooray! Back on the air!

And Artistry Jumps!

(Not actually Stan Kenton, but a good rendition of Stan the Man’s chart.)

Since Ofcom rules bar community radio broadcasters from being involved in political action (shame!) I had to come off the air during the General Election. Now, whatever you might think of the electoral result, I hope you’ll welcome me back on to the airwaves.

  • On Monday May 18, my Modern Masterpieces slot on the Classical Hour (2-3pm GMT) will feature extracts from the recent creation of works based on James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake.
  • Then on Tuesday May 26, I’ll be presenting my Swing Easy show (8-9pm GMT).

I’m now awaiting a suitable slot for my Movietime show, but I’ll be showing that on the web real soon now.

The programmes can  be heard on on the dates and times listed above.

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