This changes nothing – though ACTION could change everything

Political Review

We knew that, whatever the result of the 2015 General Election, days of struggle would be ahead. If Labour had won, to stiffen its resolve to make radical changes in British society. But since the bankers have retained their control of Ten Downing Street, the struggle against them must sharpen.

To be honest, radical change was never really on Labour’s agenda, since it is also subject to the bankers’ hegemony. Nor can real change ever be expected from a bourgeois democratic system designed to protect the status quo. The future of Britain will be decided on the streets.

The defeat of George Galloway in Bradford West was not unexpected, given the nature of Labour’s personalised dirty tricks against him. But the personalisation did not begin with Labour’s attacks. It was implicit – or, actually, explicit – in the party’s own  branding of itself around the persona of its leader. When…

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