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The Book – under construction

Typing pipesmoker aniWhy this book?

Some chapter headings from the bookWPcomBookHeadingsPanel

Most published guides to WordPress blogging are devoted to self-hosted sites created under

This is perhaps because sites are easier to set up, but also because it is widely (but not entirely accurately) believed that sites are more powerful.

In fact, the CTRL-V editors of this book find the two systems are complementary and we shall provide some examples of this complementarity in later chapters. Also some (but not all) of the HTML code used in the one will also work within the others.

But first, we shall examine the principal differences between them, and why, in some cases, the functionality of a site can actually be more powerful than in a similar site.

♦ We have created a special website to feature all future chapters. Go to to read them as they are posted.

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