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Israel recruiting fighters in UK

The “Volunteers for Israel” Facebook page. Morning Star: 100 Britons join Israel’s campaign of-terror According to Reuters in January, “Britons travelling to Syria to help the rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad could be arrested on their return, a senior police chief warned on Saturday, saying they may pose a security risk to the UK. “Peter … Continue reading

You win some you lose some
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You win some you lose some

PUBLISHED LETTER UNPUBLISHED LETTER The Guardian It is not true, as Sheila FItzpatrick states on her review of the book about Zhivago (The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, the CIA, and the Battle Over a Forbidden Book, June 18), that Stalin “didn’t have time” to talk to Pasternak. Nadezhda Mandelstam reported that Stalin telephoned Pasternak to ask … Continue reading

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Thatcher had secret plan to use army at height of miners’ strike | Politics | The Guardian

Thatcher had secret plan to use army at height of miners’ strike “Papers released to the National Archives reveal that in 1984 the prime minister made preparations to use troops to move coal to power stations. “Margaret Thatcher was secretly preparing to use troops and declare a state of emergency at the height of the miners’ … Continue reading

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Come back tomorrow . . .

… for the best and worst of 2013. Next day for 2014 hopes and fears. Happy New Year! Though the images in the slideshow above may not all come from the past year, they are all relevant to what happened during that year for me. Continue reading

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July 2, 2013: Back Door – Morning Star review

Back Door Seven Arts Jazz Blues Fest, Leeds An astonishing phenomenon of rock is the way some bands remain demonstrably the same, regardless of changes of personnel. The Byrds remained the Byrds right up to the end. Fairport Convention is still Fairport, though Simon Nicol is the sole remaining founder member. The Mothers of Invention … Continue reading

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June 22: People’s Assembly Against Austerity – another way

Reactions First, the negatives. The venue was entirely unsuitable. The acoustics were atrocious, and there was a shortage of suitable rooms for break-out sessions. The West Yorkshire contingent, for instance, had to meet at the back of the gallery, and as the (extremely helpful) hall staff pointed out, there were serious health and safety issues … Continue reading