• The Bomb

    NEW on July 5, 2014: 29 days till doomsday.

  • The Stalin Plays

    Nine works of epic theatre, the results of over two decades of original research.
    (Casting in progress: need an actor to play Stalin.)
    Also in development for TV – see below.

  • Over the Rainbow – the Yip Harburg story

    Millions sang his songs, he was blacklisted, but he was honoured as composer of the 20th Century’s most beloved lyric.
    Yip’s songs are also featured in the one-man show, The Rainbow Man.

  • TV musical drama-doc series: A Song for Soho

    Their music was the message – and they made a revolution

  • Ivanov

    The KGB thought he was past it. But he proved them wrong.

  • Weill Bodies

    A movie cabaret based around the songs of Kurt Weill, as sung by Miss Lotte Lenya

  • The Princess and the Footsoldier

    She was the boss’s daughter and he died for an unspoken love.

  • Fagin Returns

    A sequel to Oliver Twist: Fagin has escaped the rope and has become a rich man in the Indies. He returns to find Oliver and also to wreak vengeance on the man who ‘peached him into the condemned cell

  • Three Strikes – Out!

    Three neurotic hit-men, each with troubled pasts, are separately enlisted by a highly secretive client to assassinate each other.

  • Curse of the Crusaders

    A Halal horror: Djinn pursue Knights Templars through the ages for stealing the Hand of Fatima.

  • The Death and Lives of Josef Stalin

    A drama-doc TV series about the death of a dictator.

  • The Boy Who Sat Down to Pee

    An LGBT love story.

  • Strapped

    Strapped for cash – and strapped with a shooter.


NOTE: Unlinked titles are still in development

Navigation through synopses and treatments is free to all. To access completed scripts you need to complete this form so you can receive the appropriate password for access.

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