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So BPCAC won’t be standing in the May elections

First the five ex-Respect councillors decided to support Bradford Labour’s execution of the Tory austerity cuts. And now Bradford People’s Campaign Against the Cuts (BPCAC) has gone back in its promise to stand one or more candidates against the Con-Dem-Lab cabal in City Hall. Dave Green must be laughing all the way to the ballot … Continue reading

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Russian Stalingrad 3D movie now on general release

But Bradford’s not showing it on the IMAX Screen. The nearest IMAX showing is at Birmingham Cineworld. Cineworld – Bradford Vicar Lane, Bradford Leisure Exchange, Bradford ‎11:25‎  ‎14:30‎  ‎17:30‎  ‎20:30‎ Showcase Cinemas Leeds Birstall, Gelderd Road, Batley ‎21:55‎ Bradford showings are not IMAX Why Stalingrad should always be called Stalingrad In 1961 they renamed the city Volgograd because … Continue reading

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Rules for local elections, May 22, 2014

Local Election Rules This post is provided for the information of the February 25 meeting of Bradford People’s Coalition Against the Cuts, which is planning to field candidates in the local elections on May 22. It is adapted from the Electoral Commission website, SUMMARY Nominations must be submitted no later than 4pm on April … Continue reading