Spyware removal – part 2

In the first instalment of this survey, we checked out Spyhunter against Spyware Terminator, and found that the former won hands down. Now we compare Spyhunter with Malwarebytes.

Both were run after a full day’s web browsing, Malwarebytes at the end of the day, Spyhunter immediately after power-up the next morning.


I was surprised that Malwarebytes found no threats at all.


Unlike Spyhunter, Malwarebytes produces a log of results, on which I was able to check this fairly surprising result.


Malwarebytes also records the total time taken – nearly five hours. Spyhunter doesn’t record the time taken, though it seemed to be roughly similar.


Spyhunter, on the other hand, detected 84 threats!


I have used Malwarebytes on one of my machines for some time, so I was surprised that it was less effective than Spyhunter.

Or appeared to be.

All of the threats found by Spyhunter were cookie trackers, which are not usually dangerous – but they are an intrusion upon my privacy, so I’m happy to see them go.

A number of them had been detected during the previous day’s scan, so it would be good if then my system could be inoculated against them.

  • I shall report on other protection systems in due course, including the protection offered by Windows 8.1.
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