Searching: X1 claims to fame

The following items have been submitted by the creators of the X1 search engine, and are forwarded for the interest of the IT community.

Product Update
Revolutionize the way you retrieve and act upon emails, attachments, files and SharePoint data with X1’s award winning interface specifically architected to retrieve results in the way a business professional remembers information. Learn more or get your copy today for just $49.95!
Educational Webinar
Join attorneys from Reed Smith and X1 in a complimentary webinar focused on the challenges and best practices associated with SharePoint search, preservation and collection, as well as gain insights into the standards and requirements for proficient legal holds and eDiscovery of SharePoint sites.
X1’s fast as you type search and refine columns quickly locates your data in just a few keystrokes. For more advanced searching, X1 fully supports Boolean commands and proximity searches. Get the most out of X1 with our basic and advanced search commands, as well as date range searches data.

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