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HP slates Android 4.1 tablet for April • The Register

The middle-spec tablet ships at $US169, with a 1.6GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, 1G RAM, a 1024×600 pixel display, Bluetooth and WiFi, 8GB of onboard storage plus a microSD slot, and front-and-back cameras (VGA on the front, 3.1 MP on the back). The only particular differentiators the company highlighted – apart from price – are … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts on Against Religions

I’ve been having second thoughts about renaming my series of books on religions. My original title, Against Religions, was deliberately provocative, but also encompassed an important point: that Christianity is not a religious belief system, while the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins are essentially religious bigots, in form as well as content. But I was … Continue reading

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Palestinian Water Crisis – You Can Help

  Palestinians face water crisis as Israel denies fair access to water sources Palestinians continue to face a water crisis as Israel controls every major water source and uses discriminatory policies against Palestinians. In the Gaza Strip, the situation is quickly becoming critical. Amnesty International previously commented that “Israel allows the Palestinians access to only … Continue reading

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February 18: Working on the Archive

I’ve been posting mainly to The Karl Dallas Archive of Contemporary and Popular Music in last few days, also setting up archive mirror at using Treepad technology (a brilliant database system; there’s a free/portable version HERE). Since I’ve been using the Treepad archive longer than the WordPress version, there are plenty of articles there … Continue reading