KD interviews

  • Updated August 21, 2014

Over the years, I have interviewed everyone from Ewan MacColl to Frank Zappa, but I’ve also given interviews, which I’m gathering together on this page.

I’ll be adding others as I discover them on my system and digitise and upload them.

Here (on August 21, 2014) are an interview I did with Radio Scotland on political songs, two in-depth interviews with the guv’nor of folk archivists, Doc Rowe, and an interview on BCB community radio when I celebrated the 50th anniversary of my first article in Melody Maker, which appeared there on July 7, 1957.

You are welcome to print extracts from them, but please add a “© Copyright Karl Dallas/Houstonmedia” credit. The audio may not be copied since the copyright remains with the interviewers.

Please follow this page so you can know when new audio is added…

  • NOTE: The first Doc Rowe interview begins in the middle of my talking about how Ewan MacColl upset my then wife by not asking her to sing, when we had both been billed at Malcolm Nixon’s Ballads and Blues club which he was presenting. Ewan’s behaviour was hard to understand, since he had previously booked us both to sing at a Theatre Workshop benefit at the Theatre Royal, Stratford E. Later, of course, he quarrelled with Nixon and started up the Singers’ Club to have more control over musical policy.

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